What is the importance of understanding computer technology?

Just have a look around you and you will find that everything you are using is either derived through computers or directly related to the computer. You can’t imagine that era when railway reservations were so tough. You were not able to get your return reservation done without reaching at the destination but computer technology has made easier the entire thing. Likewise, information of other places was not easy to have but thanks to modern information technology that has limited the world into a TV set.

Why a computer is necessary for education

Present era is based on the computers and in coming futures 100% dependency is sure. The time is coming when no work will be possible without indulgence of the computers. It is better to train the kids in computer so that they can compete the coming technological era. Various latest software and applications must be provided to the kids of the day for gaining quick access in future.

The Virtual Reality Headset Impressions (VR) Technology

Virtual reality is soon to become a booming industry in the UK, especially following the types of techniques and even games that you can play using the piece of modern equipment.

For example, big YouTube stars such as Pewdiepie have been using the VR to promote the headset in a various number of videos. He’s used it in videos that see players go to the bottom of the ocean and walk around as if you were there – which, soon turns out to be an almost horror game with a shark coming to attack you.

However it’s with these types of technological advances that the Virtual Reality headset really will fly on, especially when gamers of today are truly looking for that next gen experience when it comes to playing the popular 1st class titles such as call of duty, battlefield to name but a few. Just imagine also movies with it?

The Smart Phone Surge

Over the last few years there has been a technological surge in the application of Smart Phones and Touchscreens. You probably already have one and if you do you’ll know about the constant updates, interface reworks and new models on the market.

It’s all a sure sign that this area of technology is booming. Facebook gets around 100 million unique visitors every month via mobile technology. Everyone uses Smart Phones and Touchscreens in some way and for good reason.

Smart Phones are great, the ability to manage finances, do your food shopping, check the weather,buy Christmas presents, anywhere at any time, on a piece of plastic that you can put in your pocket. You have to have some kind of grudge against technology to not make use of it.

But by the same token, you have to make use of it to stay in the loop. Most marketing is carried out with Smart Phone and Touchscreen technology in mind. To be up to date with the latest in modern society, you kind of need a Smart Phone.



Scientists Achieve a 5G Record Connection Speed

Researchers at the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) achieved a speed of one terabit per second, which is significantly faster than current data connections. It was announced earlier this year by Ofcom that they would expect 5G to be available in Britain by 2020.

The 1Tbps speed could potentially see an individual download a file 100 times the size of a feature film in about three seconds, but obviously it remains to be seen whether the speed can be replicated in real world conditions. As yet, there is no accurate timescale of when 5G will be rolled out, and many people are still not satisfied with 4G coverage so there is a long way to go. This does show, however, that 5G can be extremely fast, and we’re sure the record will be broken numerous times before it’s available throughout the whole of the UK.

Sony To Provide Refunds Following ‘Misleading’ Ads

Electronics giant Sony has been told that it will need to provide consumer refunds thanks to ‘misleading’ advertisements for its PlayStation Vita in the US.

FTC targeted a particular advert which claimed that PS Vita users could PS3 games at any time and then continue where they left off on the PS Vita. FTC said;

“This feature, however, was only available for a few PS3 games, and the pause-and-save capability described in the ads varied significantly from game to game. As we enter the year’s biggest shopping period, companies need to be reminded that if they make product promises to consumers – as Sony did with the ‘game changing’ features of its PS Vita – they must deliver on those pledges. The FTC will not hesitate to act on behalf of consumers when companies or advertisers make false product claims.”

Sony will now have to provide consumers who purchase the PS Vita before June 1st 2012, a $25 cash/credit refund or a $50 merchandise voucher.