Returning electrical goods

The law states that if you buy goods that are faulty, unfit for purpose or not as described, you have the right to return them and you also have additional rights when you shop online. The sales of goods act states that if you buy an item that is faulty you have 30 days in which to return it for a full refund, after this thirty days the retailer has the right to try and repair or replace the item. With electrical goods you get a 12 month warranty on anything new. Sometimes this warranty is with the manufacturer rather than with the retailer, but if within the 30 day... Read More »

Banking on the move

For years now many of us have used online banking as a method of checking balances, transferring money and paying bills. Most banks have some sort or secure log in systems to make this possible, but many have also invested in apps for smart phones and other smart devices such as tables. These apps can often be downloaded for free and linked to your current and saving accounts. They will instantly show you a balance and most of them also allow you to make simple transaction (such as paying a person you have paid before). Some of them, such as the Nationwide app, remembers your details and will display your... Read More »

Updating to latest software

Many devices run off software such as our computers, phones and even TV’s. Often this software needs to be updated from time to time to allow new improvements to functionality, additional or updated security features and new look and design updates. When implanting an update always make sure that you have a back up of whatever you need to, for example if you are updating a phone, back up your contacts and images / videos prior to the update in case you encounter any problems. I would always recommend that you wait a few days or a week or so to carry out an update unless there is specific reason... Read More »

Power banks

With many of us having multiple portable gadgets, it has become apparent that people need ways of charging their devices when on the go, and not just in the car. Power banks have been out for a number of years now, but have steadily improved in terms of reduced size and charging capacity. Power banks often allow a number of devices to be attached to them for charging. Often this is done via a USB or micro USB lead from the power bank to the device. Some charging units have now even become wireless allowing items such as smart phones to be placed on a pad and charged without being... Read More »

Electronic cigarettes

It has been known for a number of years now that cigarettes are extremely bad for your health. Many people have tried previously to quit but simply cannot do it cold turkey or even with nicotine patches. Over the last few years we have seen a technological advancement of the introduction of a number of electronic cigarettes launched in to the market allowing people to still experience the sensation of smoking but by removing many of the harmful chemicals found in standard cigarettes. These e cigarettes seem to have a lot of benefits but with them still being fairly new, some are worried about how safe they really are and... Read More »