Electronic cigarettes

It has been known for a number of years now that cigarettes are extremely bad for your health. Many people have tried previously to quit but simply cannot do it cold turkey or even with nicotine patches. Over the last few years we have seen a technological advancement of the introduction of a number of electronic cigarettes launched in to the market allowing people to still experience the sensation of smoking but by removing many of the harmful chemicals found in standard cigarettes. These e cigarettes seem to have a... Read More »

Smart watches

Would you ever of imagined that one day you could make phone calls, text, browse the internet and use social media on your watch? Yes, the dream has become reality for many with many manufacturers now bringing out smart watches. These watches vary in price from as little as £50 up to over £600 and most also vary in functionality. Apple have a version that allows you to link it to all your other Apple devices making syncing a doddle. . These watches allow many people to keep in constant... Read More »

Laptops – How they’re becoming more advanced each year

It comes at no shadow of a doubt that technology is moving at an incredible speed, meaning manufacturers of tech organisations are having to speed up the way that they push products to market. A laptop, is a small personal computer which is purposely made for flexibility and allows a user to transport the computer around from point A to point B. To save space within the laptop, many manufacturers have had to build in many of the internal components into just one block within the laptop. The CPU chipset,... Read More »

What Is a Personal Computer? An overview

In short, a Personal Computer refers to physical machine with a logical operating system, capable of handling a variant of different tasks. This term has adapted over years since the creation of the P.C; a personal computer could just as easily refer to a portable laptop as well as a fixed location tower system. Though for the sake of simplicity we refer to the towers as P.C systems and Laptops, as Laptops/Notebooks. Personal Computers have evolved over the years since their creation; as has the software that has been created for them within a software... Read More »

Buying Branded Expensive Phones are a thing of the past

When it comes to searching for your next mobile phone to purchase, you may be more reluctant to be spending near to and sometimes in excess of £500 for a mobile device. With more advertisement expenditure that Samsung, Apple and G3 are all going through to compete against each other, their continue costs soar as are passed straight down onto the consumer. However, there is hope for the savvy shopper who’s looking for a new bargain to get hold of. The X15 made by a small company in China makes... Read More »